17 Things all 90’s kids will remember.

After seeing a 3 year old playing on his iPad the other day, it really inspired me to put together a list of our childhood highlights that our kids will never experience…

#1. The need to create a schedule for the FAMILY PC. Yeah, you remember when the whole family had to share the PC? And yeah, the PC weighed more than most family cars.

#2. Spending hours and hours designing your Bebo skin. Come on, a pre-made skin wasn’t going to cut it.

#3. Getting your first Walkman, which was bigger than your head, and being the coolest kid in class.

#4. Groovy chick EVERYTHING.

#5. Waiting for hours for your mum to finish on the phone to your Auntie, because… dial-up.

#6. Rocking up to school on a Monday with your pencil case full of new gel pens and knowing you were going to be the envy of the class.

#7. Going Ice skating but not actually stepping on the ice once. I mean, you had to learn every routine on the dance mat; off by heart.

#8. Being a true sass queen and showing off your brand new flip phone.

#9. And the charge on the said phone lasted at least a week!

#10. The pain of having to tap each key up to 3 times when sending a message. You really had to work out which contacts were worth the effort.

#11. Perfect Saturday afternoon: going to the ASDA to buy a pack of plain CD disks, spending hours burning your favourite tracks onto it, then even longer designing the front of each disk with your favourite CD marker.

#12. Being the rebel you are and giving your mate the nod to go to the back of the classroom and sharpen your pencils together (you little rascal).

#13. Spending the whole evening playing on snake. There will never be another game quite as addictive.

#14. The responsibility when it’s your turn to flip the hymn sheet for the projector in assembly.

#15. Having to rewind your video when it got to the end of the movie – and being absolutely furious if the person who watched before you didn’t do it!

#16. Your biggest worry was keeping your Tamagotchi alive.

#17. Saturday mornings were for Kenan & Kel, and Kenan & Kel only.

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