4 Months Veggie.

So turning vegetarian is something I’ve been considering for months, if not years. But 4 months ago I finally took the plunge and decided it was time to stick a label on it, so I announced I had gone vegetarian. Now, I wasn’t a massive meat eater anyway so cutting meat out of my diet has not been difficult at all. However anyone thinking of making the transition please be warned of the ultimate will-power tester: smelling bacon cooking when you’re hungover on a Sunday morning.

The thing that actually surprised me is how many things contain gelatin and/or meat products. A little research taught me a tonne of wines and beers are not veggie. It’s safe to say I got a shock when I realised Wagon Wheels were most definitely not veggie friendly. But there is pretty much a veggie alternative to all of your favourites. Although I’m not a massive fan of the ‘fake meat’ style products, sometimes they do add an extra texture to a meal that only meat really gives it. Also, plenty of supermarkets offer veggie friendly sweets and my absolute favourites are the veggie ‘Percy Pigs’ that can be found in M&S.

Honestly, I feel a hell of a lot healthier since I decided to stop eating meat. I am probably consuming many more calories and definitely eating more frequently now – but paying much more attention to what I’m actually putting in my body. I must say though; it is really easy to fall into the trap of replacing meat with cheese – which most definitely is not the healthiest thing to do! I do find it slightly annoying when you go to a restaurant and there is only 1 option, which is normally some sort of cheese based tart. There does seem to be lots of vegan cafés and restaurants popping up in Sheffield so I’m very excited to try those. Along the same lines, I have found myself being much more adventurous when it comes to meals – and I’ve even got the boyfriend to become a hummus addict (exotic eh?).

According to PETA, in 1 month of being vegetarian you save 8 animals, which means so far I have saved 24 animals, which makes me feel great about myself. There are tonnes of vegetarian and vegan recipe ideas online and the majority of restaurant and fast food places have lots of options. If it’s something you’ve been considering I would most definitely recommend giving it a go!

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