Fitbit Charge 2.

I’m going to assume that everyone now either has a Fitbit or has seen them plastered everywhere. So a little while back I decided my time had come to invest. I really wanted to wear the watch for a while before posting up a review to ensure it was as honest and thorough as could be. I opted for the Fitbit Charge 2 with black strap as I wanted the most subtle option. However, my friend actually has the purple one which does look gorgeous and now I’m slightly regretting that decision. I did want the most subtle option as to be honest, I just didn’t feel digital watches look very feminine or girly what-so-ever. But I am now 100% converted & I personally feel the band looks really nice on my wrist; it doesn’t look bulky at all and fits very comfortably.


I really like the way you can adjust what shows on the screen of the watch to make it relevant to your goals. I have chosen to have my steps and total calories burned on the front screen as they are the thing I like to check the most often. Now, if you’ve read this post you’ll know I had issues with calories a little while back and I was slightly apprehensive that I may start heading down that road again. But I can honestly say I really haven’t fell back into that spiral – in fact, it’s gone quite the opposite. I really am shocked at the amount of calories I burn going about my daily activities and the tracker is a real motivation whilst in the gym.

My only complaint about the band is the fact that the material has really irritated my skin. Okay, so is this is band or is it my skin? I’m not 100% sure but my skin doesn’t irritate very easily and my wrist has been really sore and itchy since wearing the band on a daily basis. However, the bands are interchangeable so I will have to look at investing in one made of a different material.

The app itself is absolutely fantastic. Every time you go on the app and are connected to the internet the app syncs with your band and transfers all your data over. The app again is customisable so you can have the things you will view most often as the most easily accessible. The app makes it really simple to compare each day to the next and each week they email your weekly stats to you.

One of my favourite parts of the entire things is the sleep tracker. The Fitbit not only tracks the time you fall asleep and wake up but it tracks the amount of the night you spent awake, and restless during the night. Please though be warned you can never get away with a sneak nap every again – the Fitbit never misses a trick!

Do you have a Fitbit or fitness tracker? If so, I would love to hear your opinions.

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