Kenwood Hall Spa – Sheffield.

So Adam and I have been look for new ‘date’ ideas. You know when you kinda get stuck in the meal and drinks rut every weekend? As lovely as it is we’ve been trying to do some more fun new things together and after a recent recommendation, we decided to visit Kenwood Hall.

Kenwood hall is about a 50 minute walk from our flat so we enjoyed a lovely (but freezing) walk up. The spa itself is located in a really weird place as you have to walk through pretty much the entire hotel to find it – but the staff were super friendly and pointed us in the right direction.

We didn’t actually have any treatments done at the spa, we just went to use the facilities. The place is small but absolutely lovely. There’s a small-ish swimming pool and a fantastic Jacuzzi in the main room as you walk in. There’s a few loungers but the highlight is most definitely the view! The huge windows overlook the grounds of the hall and luckily for us it was a really clear day, I could’ve laid in the Jacuzzi for hours just day dreaming.

There’s also a fantastic sauna and steam room. Normally I get really claustrophobic in saunas and really don’t like the feeling when the heat takes your breath away but the spa was really quiet and there was only actually the two of us in there at the time so I took my perch closest to the door (in case I needed an emergency) and we relaxed in there for what felt like hours.

There was also a small gym which was included in the price of a day pass. We didn’t use the gym but had a little nosey in. It looked pretty basic and small but it was also very quiet so you could pretty much have free reign. Now, the best part about Kenwood Hall: The price. For a day pass – giving you access to swimming, the steam room & sauna, gym & Jacuzzi… £10!

In my opinion a perfect date afternoon, or for a lovely relaxing day with the girls!

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