Let’s talk about insecurities.

We’ve all got them, right? It’s easy to think not. It’s so easy to see that girl on Instagram; it could be a fitspo, a celeb or your fella’s skanky ex-girlfriend, and you think that their life is perfect.

Sometimes we hate our hair, our legs, and our belly’s. We hate our nails, makeup and clothes. But sometimes, we love our bodies. We look in the mirror and feel fab. Our outfits are on point, our hair just goes right and we feel ready to take on the world. I chose the pronoun ‘we’ because I mean literally every single one of us. There’s not one ripped guy on Instagram, one make-up blogger or one luxury travel vlogger that doesn’t sometimes have these feelings.

One of my biggest insecurities is my skin. I’m very, very pale. I’m covered in freckles and my skin will never ever tan. Trust me, I’ve tried. My skin immediately burns in any sunshine unless I’m wearing factor 50. When I was younger I would hate this so much, I would feel so angry when my mum used to make me wear a t-shirt and routinely lather me in sun cream throughout a holiday. I’ve always been envious of girls with golden skin and tan lines, but as the years are going by I’m trying my hardest to embrace my pale skin. Yes, I still think these girls look incredible and sometimes feel a pang of jealousy – but you have to see a silver lining in things. Mine is that by the time I’m 80 I will have 0% sun damage, and not a wrinkle in sight… right?!

But it’s not all aesthetic. I sometimes feel down because I’m definitely not your average 22 year old party animal. Actually, I couldn’t think of many worse ways to spend my night than at a club, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. This used to really drive me crazy as I just wanted to fit in, to the point where I would actually force myself to go out and to drink quite excessively, all to become that ‘party girl’. But as the years have gone by I’ve learned to embrace it and to plan things that make me happy, rather than doing things merely to conform to social expectations.

Do you remember 5/10 years ago, Tumblr was everyone’s favourite thing and we all wanted a thigh gap? Having a thigh gap was cool, sexy and the definition of being ‘in shape’. Now we’re in the age of the Kardashian and having big curvy hips and thick thighs is the way to look. Fashions change, and so do our bodies.

Your insecurities may never completely disappear. But I take comfort in knowing that we’ve all got them. Hopefully one day they will fade away, or even completely disappear. Or maybe, we may simply learn to live alongside them.

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  • This was great and so true. It’s so important to remember that even the people who seem to have a ‘perfect’ life/body/wardrobe on social media have their own insecurities just like everyone else. My biggest insecurity is probably my thighs or teeth but I’m trying, as you say, to just live alongside those feelings. Lovely post gal!
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

    • I’m glad you enjoyed, Sophie! I’m happy to hear that you’re doing well!

      Amy x