What I’ve been reading #3

Asking for it – Louise O’Neill

This book had me hooked from page 1. It is so unbelievably relevant. This book made me angry, upset and scared. The story is so true to real life and extremely difficult to read, the story is written in a brutally graphic way, but this is a book I believe needs to be read. Emma is the ‘it’ girl, the party girl, and after a night partying she wakes up in her porch not knowing how she made it there. Emma isn’t a likeable character, which adds an extra depth to the story. Emma is a bitch, she is not a good friend, and she has her fair share of boys.  Perhaps she had drank too much, and perhaps her skirt was a little too short – but does this mean she deserves to be attacked in the most awful way? Throughout the story, we learn of the harrowing events of the night and the fight Emma has with trying to retake control of her life. I love the style in which O’Neill wrote the book, and thought the structure of the paragraphs helped to keep the reader enticed. I believe like the audience of this book are mainly female and a mostly a younger generation however strongly believe that ‘Asking for it’ would be fantastic for educating both genders and feel that people of my parents, and even grandparents could benefit from reading ‘asking for it’. 5/5

The Excursionist – J D Sumner

I was drawn to this book as it tells the story of one man’s mission to travel the world and conquer 100 countries. This book is an easy read and comical in parts but honestly, but nothing to write home about. The protagonist views travel as something to tick of his list, rather than something to enjoy. I think everyone knows a person who just visits a place purely to tell you they’ve been, and this is exactly what Jack does. Most travel books leave you longing for bustling cities and golden beaches however this one did quite the opposite and made me want to curl up on the sofa an enjoy home comforts. A different kind of story to the ones I’m used to, and definitely gave me some food for thought. 3/5

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