19 Thoughts we all have when hungover.

  1. Why on earth is my mouth so dry? I feel I’ve eaten sand, I need water… water!
  2. How the hell did I manage to fall asleep with my clothes on?
  3. Wait, where are my keys?
  4. Phew, found them. Purse, keys, phone, check.
  5. How many drinks did I have? *starts replaying every drink over in your head and it all starts to make sense*
  7. Right, breakfast time.
  8. No chance, lay back down, the room is spinning.
  9. How much would it cost to have breakfast delivered?
  10. I am never drinking again.
  11. Is that blood in my hair?! Oh wait, just ketchup.
  12. I can still taste tequila.
  13. Finally – Mcdonalds breakfast, hungover food of the gods.
  14. I really need to wash my face, half stuck on false lashes are not a good look.
  15. OK, I’ve washed, eaten, it’s time to get dressed.
  16. Nope – I’m gonna throw up. Back to bed!
  17. My ankle hurts. Oh shit, did I fall over?
  18. I’ve ruined my liver. My body hates me, I am disgusting.
  19. If I had Mcdonlds for breakfast, can I have Chinese for tea?

What you think guys? Tell me it’s not just me!

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