22 Things I’ve learned in 22 years.

#1 – Don’t ever be embarrassed about what you are passionate about. If you like maths, embrace it. If you like train spotting, go find ‘em girl.

#2 – Write lists. There is nothing more satisfying than finishing ticking off you to-do list.

#3 – A good cup of tea can solve (almost) anything.

#4 – Your sister will become your best friend.

#5 – Matching underwear is nice and everything – but sometimes you gotta get those big comfy Primark pants on. Comfort over everything.

#6 – Your real friends will shine through. You know, those friends you can call anytime – you will realise who they are.

#7 – Don’t ever be ashamed to talk about your mental health.

#8 – Be grateful. You have so much more than most of the other people on the earth.

#9 – Don’t force yourself to do exercise you hate, it will feel like Y9 P.E.

#10 – “The grass isn’t always greener” appreciate what you have!

#11 – If someone still loves you when they’ve seen you dancing on the tables and then with your head in the toilet, keep hold of them. There’s not many of them out there.

#12 – We all judge success differently. Some people want 8 kids, some want the high flying career and some want to see the whole world.

#13 – Reading is therapeutic                                           .

#14 – Learn how to spend time on your own.

#15 – Sometimes a bottle of wine and a belly laugh with your bestie is all you need.

#16 – Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread.

#17 – Explore! Travel as far and as often as you can.

#18 – Clean your make-up brushes, seriously, it’s gross.

#19 – Take your make-up off at the end of EVERY day.

#20 – Fresh sheets will make you sleep better.

#21 – Some people will dislike you, before they know you.

#22 – It’s better to look back and wish you hadn’t than wish you had.

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