24 Things that happen when you move in together.

#1 – You are not as tidy as you thought you were.

#2 – You have no privacy (yeah cool, take a pee whilst I shower).

#3 – You have World-War-3 over which parent’s you will spend Christmas with.

#4 – Your rent and bills are halved!

#5 – You decide which side of the bed is ‘yours’ and are furious if you find him sleeping on in.

#6 – He comes home very, very drunk and leaves you to clean up the mess. Don’t forget to take lots of embarrassing pictures. (It’s also kinda worth it for the flowers, choccies and meal the next day)


#8 – His friends become your friends.

#9 – You begin to write both of your names on gift tags and birthday cards (shit just got serious).

#10 – You count a date day as a trip to IKEA

#11 – You can sit together on the sofa for hours without speaking a word.

#12 – The weekly big shop looks big enough to feed a small village.

#13 – There will be many, many fights about what the optimum temperature is (and how many blankets you need on the bed).

#14 – You accept the fact you may never, ever be able to get him to put dirty boxers in the washing bag rather than right next to it.

#15 – He will soon find a new love for scented candles.

#16 – It will feel weird the first time you refer to your place as ‘home’ and not your parents’ house.

#17 – You can’t storm out in a fight, cos, erm… you just walked out of your house. Now watcha gonna do?

#18 – He will be astounded at the amount of make-up, bath bombs and general beauty products you own.

#19 – You might have exactly the same pillows on your bed, but you know which one is yours DO NOT SWAP THEM.

#20 – You quickly learn which chores are yours. One cooks, one washes… it’s the law.

#21 – Your mum will ask you when she’s gonna become a grandmother, constantly.

#22 – You will argue over who is taking up the most wardrobe space.

#23 – Every time you take a trip, people expect you to come back engaged.

#24 – When you’ve had a really, really terrible day the best feeling in the world is knowing you’ll be coming home to a smile and big cup of tea.

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