Saying goodbye to flat No.2.

3 long years ago Adam and I took the decision to take a tenancy on a very own flat. It’s been 3 years of laughter, tears, lessons, tantrums, bills and friendships. I’ve learned to budget, to cook and generally how to live with another human being. My cooking repertoire now stretch’s further than beans on toast and I know how to clean the bathroom in used an hour, glamorous right?!

I think it would feel a lot more normal if we were moving to a new place. But the absolute ridiculous rent prices in Sheffield city centre meant that the only logical thing was to give up the tenancy and find somewhere new later in the year when we come back to the UK. I’ve had the stability and independence of having my own place and paying my own way for 3 years, but now my belongings are in storage and my life for the next for 4 months is packed into a 60Ltr rucksack. All the good stuff is packed up; my beloved handbags, shoes, make-up and clothes are all vacuum packed in my mum’s garage and the flat is now bare.

It all feels very bittersweet. We’re going to travel the world. I have 4 months away from the office and it’s going to be the adventure of a lifetime. But I have to admit I’m going to miss our humble little abode. I feel like in the last 3 years I’ve grown up and we’ve grown together. The difference between me at 19 years old compared to the grand old age of 22 is massive. I’m hoping if anything, the next few months teach me to be less materialistic. Hoping that one day I might come to the realisation that maybe, I don’t need 8 bottles of perfume open at once. And maybe the handbag collection is getting a little out of control. At first, the prospect of living from a backpack terrified me. But now I am SO excited to experience new cities, cultures and of course, food.

But todays the day, we’ve boxed everything up and handed the keys in. I’m not going to lie, the thought of someone else sleeping in our bedroom or watching TV in our living room feels totally weird, but as they say; as one door closes, another one will open.

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