The Oriental Express – Sheffield

So this weekend we celebrated the Chinese new year with a feast at the Oriental Express Sheffield. The Oriental Express is situated right in the heart of Sheffield on Glossop Road and is the perfect people-watching spot if you’re lucky enough to grab a table in the window as we were. The restaurant is weird and wonderfully decorated and the staff were all really friendly.

There is a really extensive menu and the final page is dedicated completely to veggies with around 20 options. Most of them appeared to be vegan, although it didn’t state on the menu, the staff could provide more info on request. When eating Chinese food I love to grab a few plates to share because I love to try all the different flavours and textures. We ordered the sweet and sour tofu which came with a mountain of rice, along with a veggie packed noodle stir fry and a portion of salt and pepper chips – because we obviously needed even more carbs. The food was really tasty and they served up very generous portions. My personal favourite was definitely the sweet and sour tofu – will definitely be ordering this again!

The food came fast, and was absolutely delicious. If you’re looking for somewhere fantastic and really inexpensive to eat then I would definitely recommend giving the Oriental Express a try.

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