All The Best Things to Do in Salento, Colombia

Hike in Cocora Valley (Most Popular Thing to Do in Salento)

Cocora Valley Hike Salento
Cocora Valley Salento

Getting to Cocora Valley

Cocora Valley Rainbow
Cocora Valley Palms

Visit A Coffee Farm

Spend the Afternoon in Filandia

Filandia Viewpoint
Filandia Buildings

How to Get to Filandia

Enjoy the Colourful Streets

Salento main square

Hike to The Two Salento Viewpoints

Salento Viewpoint
Salento View

Eat Trucha

Church in Salento
Salento Square

Play Tejo With Locals

Drink and Dance The Night Away

Salento Streets
Salento Door

Frequently Asked Questions – Things to Do in Salento

Cash or Card in Salento?

How do I Get Around in Salento?

How is The Weather in Salento?


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