Why it’s OK to settle down young.

Is there a stigma around ‘Settling Down’? So I want to start this one by saying I’ve never been on tinder. I’ve never accepted a drink from that guy at the bar – and I’ve never snogged a random. I’ve never flirted with work colleagues and most definitely never woken up next to a guy I barely know. To some, this is totally boring. I have plenty of friends whose sole intention on a night out is to pull, and if they come home without at least a phone number the night has been a complete failure.

The second that anyone questions a girl for sleeping around they are bashed and told to pipe down. We are told to embrace the ‘independent woman’ and that girls should be allowed to express their sexuality. And I am 100% a fan of this. Women supporting other women (and men) is what I am all for, a girl is entitled to go out and get all the attention she wants. But this has to work both ways, we have to also embrace the girls who have chosen to be with one person (or no people for that matter) and stop shaming them for doing so.

I guess that when you’re nearing 23 and you’ve been with your fella since the ripe old age of 14 people feel like they have the right to question your decision. The one I get asked a lot is ‘don’t you want to experience life?’ The god’s honest truth is that I AM experiencing life. And I’m doing it with my best pal by my side. We make our own traditions, we talk in stupid riddles that no one would ever make recognise as English, and we are building a home together.

I’m not saying it’s all sweetness and roses. Things definitely aren’t perfect 100% of the time. But just because you’re in a relationship it doesn’t stop you growing as a person. You can still travel, build a career and have fun with your friends. Girl’s weekends are still a thing – and getting the house to yourself when he’s on a boy’s night becomes a real luxury. Adventure doesn’t disappear just because you don’t want to sleep around. The truth is, we party, we get drunk, and we dance on the tables. Then at the end of the night we fall into bed with an XL pizza and cheesy chips to share.

I guess what I’m trying to say is if we shouldn’t judge you for a one night stand, then you shouldn’t judge someone for being happy with one guy.

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