Why Amsterdam should be your next city break.

Planning yourself a European trip? Here’s why Amsterdam should be on your bucket list!

#1. You really can just wander. You don’t have to spend a fortune (I mean you can if you want) but we were lucky enough to visit in autumn and the scenery is just beautiful. You can spend hours wandering up and down the canals just taking it all in.

#2. It’s unlike any other place you’ve ever been. Ok, I’m going to be honest, the drugs and sex were not my thing at all. To an average brit the red light district is pretty shocking but at the same time, an incredible experience.

#3. The food. What’s a weekend break without stuffing your face full of incredible new food? The coffee, the waffles, the pizza. Amsterdam has it all.

#4. There is so much history in Amsterdam. Museums on every corner and plenty of walking & canal tours to keep you busy. Amsterdam is also home to the Van Gough museum & of course the infamous sex museum. The Anne Frank House was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

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