Guinness Storehouse Tour – Best Things to Do in Dublin

The Guinness Storehouse is busy. Full of tourists. A bit cliché. But absolutely fantastic.

What Is the Guinness Storehouse?

Arthur Guinness founded the Guinness empire in 1759 and has served his delicious delicacy to Ireland and the rest of the world ever since. The original lease on the building was signed for an astonishing 9000 years, showing unwavering confidence in this household name. The Guinness Storehouse has been open to the public since 2000, and in 2013 it was voted the best tourist attraction in Ireland.

The Guinness Storehouse, or Guinness Brewery, is the home of Guinness, based in Dublin, Ireland. Visitors are invited to explore the history of the brand, from its very origins to the modern-day intricacies of this iconic company.

Guinness Storehouse

Getting to the Guinness Brewery

It takes around 20 minutes to walk to the Guinness Storehouse from the Temple Bar area of the city. By car, this takes around eight minutes. If it’s your first visit to Dublin, I recommend travelling on foot to get a feel for your surroundings.

What to Expect From the Guinness Storehouse Tour

On arrival at the Guinness Storehouse, you will be greeted by the famous huge iron gates. Be sure to arrive a little early, as the entranceway offers an excellent photo opportunity.

Once you enter the Storehouse, you will be greeted by a friendly member of staff who will scan your ticket and explain what will happens next. The tour itself is entirely self-guided. I was initially disappointed by this but quickly changed my mind, permitted to explore the museum at my own pace.

The Guinness brewery tour expertly walks guests through every part of the brewing process. Starting with the water and ingredients used, through the fermentation process, and concluding with a Guinness tasting.

The part of the museum I enjoyed the most was the marketing and advertising section. No expense was spared when displaying their famous designs and television advertisements. This is perhaps the most immersive part of the experience, with the sights and sounds surrounding each and every visitor.

The aesthetic of the museum was clearly hugely important to the developers. The lighting, text and imagery are highly engaging, offering a modern twist on a traditional industry. The Guinness Storehouse is an excellent example of a company that understands its target market and perfectly customises an experience.

Guinness Storehouse
Guinness Storehouse

The tour takes around 90 minutes to complete. This is enough time to absorb all the information but short enough to keep every guest fully entertained.

One of the highlights of the whole experience was enjoying a perfectly pulled pint of cold Guinness in the stunning Sky Bar. This bar boasts a 360-degree view over the entire city, and we were lucky enough to bag a seat right by the window. The perfect end to an afternoon in this beautiful city.

I heard a few people say that a pint of Guinness in Dublin tastes better than anywhere else in the world. And after this experience, I’m inclined to agree.

Guinness Storehouse Dublin – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Tickets for Guinness Storehouse?

It is strongly recommended that you purchase your Guinness Storehouse tickets ahead of time. The standard tickets, which include the self-guided tour and a pint of Guinness, start from €31. Guinness fanatics might opt for the Connoisseur experience, which starts from €95.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Guinness Storehouse?

As you would imagine, the Guinness factory in Ireland does get busy all year round. The summer months of June, July and August see the highest footfall in the city. December is also a popular month, with many tourists visiting over the Christmas period. Early mornings are the quietest at the Guinness Brewery Tour, with early evening being the busiest.

How Long Does Guinness Storehouse Tour Take?

This is a self-guided tour which takes around 90 minutes to complete. However, I recommend allowing at least two hours so you have plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere and savour a cold pint before you leave.

How Is Parking at Guinness Storehouse?

There is free on-street parking at the nearby Crane Street. However, this is on a first-come, first-served basis and therefore does get extremely busy at peak times. Wherever possible, it is recommended you travel by public transport.

Is Guinness Vegan?

Yes! Guinness uses a state-of-the-art filtration process to ensure its product is 100% vegan.

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This post was originally published in February 2018 and was last updated in January 2023


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