Acatenango Hike: Your Complete Guide [2024]

First View of Fuego
First View of Fuego
Night View of Fuego
Incredible Night View of Fuego

What is the Overnight Acatenango Hike?

Acatenango Hike Timeline

Day 1

Day 2

View of Fuego
Amazing View of Fuego

How Difficult is the Acatenango Hike?

Hiking Acatenango as a Slow Walker

Sunrise From Acatenango
Incredible Sunrise From Acatenango
Fuego at night
Fuego at Night

Which Company to Use 

Hike One – The Journey to Acatenango Base Camp

Enjoying the view of Fuego
Enjoying the view of Fuego
Base Camp at Acatenango
Proud after reaching Base Camp at Acatenango

Hike Two (Optional) – Fuego Sunset Hike

Hike Three (Optional) – Acatenango Sumit Sunrise Hike

Hike Four – To The Finish Line!

What To Wear

Before Acatenango
Tucked in the cabin at base camp

What to Pack

  • Jacket
  • Jumper
  • Hat or snood
  • Gloves
  • Extra socks for sleeping 
  • Long trousers
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Power bank for charging phone/camera
  • Snacks
  • Cash (for porters/extra snacks/tips/hiring walking sticks)
  • Altitude medication

Can I see Fuego without Hiking?

Tips for the Acatenango Hike

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