The Dream Cornwall Elopement – Our Intimate Wedding Day

There has been a dramatic shift in wedding norms over the past decade. The cost of a traditional wedding has grown astronomically, leading to more couples than ever considering an intimate ceremony or elopement. I might be slightly biased, but there truly is no better way to tie the knot than in an intimate elopement in Cornwall.

For us, eloping was all about taking control of our special day.

From the moment we got engaged, we knew a large wedding wasn’t on the cards for us, so we began exploring ceremonies on a smaller scale. Elopements quickly piqued our interest, and it was love at first sight when we spotted Boho Elopements Cornwall. Tom and Maya, the venue owners, have perfected the micro wedding. They provide exquisite service in a beautiful private venue overlooking the stunning Cornish coastline.

Cornwall Elopement
Cornwall Elopement
Cornwall Elopement

Why Choose Cornwall?

The sheer amount of choice on offer can overwhelm couples who choose to elope. Initially, we explored tiny weddings abroad and quickly fell in love with the idea of a ceremony near the coast.

We swiftly realised we were not prepared for the logistics involved with an overseas ceremony and pulled our attention back to the UK. Cornwall offers it all. A rugged coastline with a selection of the world’s best beaches, quaint villages, and some of the most incredible restaurants in the country. We loved the idea of our wedding being an adventure, and a Cornwall elopement offered just that. There are so many viewpoints, coves, and hikes to be discovered. Cornwall is the perfect elopement location for thrill-seekers and those looking for a slice of tranquillity.

Elopement Wedding Preparation

There is so much to consider when planning an elopement. Typically, it takes an army to plan a wedding, but here, it’s just the two of you.

Speaking candidly, this was the part of the elopement that scared me the most. We didn’t tell a soul about our plans. This made the day very special but meant we forfeited the support network to hold our hands through all the big decisions.

The thought of wedding dress shopping alone filled me with dread, but the process was surprisingly straightforward. First, I ordered a beautiful Needle and Thread gown. Pretty low-key for a wedding dress but highly glamourous to a Cornish beach. Then, I simply took the dress to a local seamstress who worked her magic and ensured it fitted like a glove. So whilst I missed the presence of my nearest and dearest, it still felt like a special wedding occasion.

Our fantastic venue recommended a great local makeup artist, who arrived at 9 am sharp to help me glam up for the day. The venue is cleverly split over two levels with a living area upstairs. Meaning, that you can get ready entirely separately, whilst still both enjoying the comfort of your venue.

Your next concern will likely be floral arrangements, which I found the perfect solution for in advance of our Cornwall elopement — dried flowers. Dried flowers look fantastic, are relatively affordable, and still sit proudly in my hallway two years after the big day. There are tons of varieties on Etsy, each individually beautiful and enabling you to support another small business. I opted for a large bouquet with a matching hairpiece and buttonhole. These tied perfectly with the boho vibe of the wedding.

Beach wedding - Boho
Boho Wedding

The Morning of Your Cornwall Elopement

There was something extraordinary about waking up in pure tranquillity on our wedding morning. No rush, no hassle. We lazily ate warm croissants and drank freshly ground coffee. Tradition usually dictates that the groom shouldn’t see the bride on the morning. But, running away to the Cornish coast is all about throwing caution to the wind, right?

At 9 am prompt, my lovely makeup artist arrived to beautify me before the ceremony. My groom busied himself making the most of a solo Monday morning in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. It was all very relaxed, and I loved the laid-back vibe that set the tone for what was to come.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was my favourite part of the day.

Our local registrars were two of the most kind, friendly women who made two very nervous individuals feel almost entirely at ease. We exchanges our vows, and the ceremony felt like a super intimate moment that was so special to us. You need two witnesses for a legal wedding in the UK, and the lovely Venue owners, Tom and Maya, were generous enough to provide that service.

The Photographs – Capturing Your Cornwall Elopement

Aside from the venue itself, our photographs were the next most considerable expense, but worth every penny.

Neither of us are particularly comfortable in front of the camera, so it is safe to say we were both a little nervous before our four-hour photoshoot. However, the team at Enchanted Brides put us completely at ease and made the afternoon so much fun. They know all the best spots in the area and took us to the most beautiful beach we have ever seen. They even convinced us to get in the sea (in our wedding ‘fits!) to capture our amazing imagery.

I understand many want to save budget on their Cornwall elopement, and a photography team is not a small expense. However, I can not recommend splurging enough if you can stretch to it. Your photos will receive perhaps more attention than they generally would due to your loved ones not being present. They are a true gem to cherish for a lifetime.

Cornwall Elopement

The Wedding Night (Not Like That!)

Again, I had reservations about how the evening would go down. Of course, your more traditional wedding would involve a dinner with the day guests, followed by an evening of dancing and partying with your extended family and friends.

I quickly learned that the key to an unforgettable wedding day is perfecting the timeline, our ceremony was at 1 pm, and the photographs finished around 5 pm. After this, we enjoyed a lavish wedding breakfast of a Cornish pasty and a bottle of champagne.

Through the recommendation of our incredible hosts, we booked a fantastic local gastro-pub for a three-course meal and some amazing wine. It was super low-key and precisely what we wanted for the evening. We used a local taxi service, but there is no reason you couldn’t arrange a swanky wedding vehicle if you wanted to elevate the transport for your Cornwall elopement. The whole evening was idyllic, nestled away in the most southwest party of the country, in a perfect sanctuary.

The Honeymoon

The magic of getting married in Cornwall is that you are already in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Porthcurno beach regularly features on lists of the best beaches in the world; this stunning cove is the perfect place to bathe in the sun after your dream day. Kynance Cove and Sennen Cove also shouldn’t be missed. I think the ideal honeymoon is to spend a week driving down the beautiful Cornish coast, frolicking on the golden sands and enjoying the quaint country pubs. There are some genuinely stunning hotels and AirBnBs to be enjoyed, creating a truly romantic escape.


Cornwall Elopement
Cornwall Elopement
Boho Wedding

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