Exploring the Homún Cenotes: Your Complete Guide

A Little About the Homún Cenotes

Cenote Xooch
Cenote Xooch at Santa Barbara

Getting to Homún

Colectivo from Merida to Homun
The colectivo from Merida to Homun
Colectivo Station
The station is recognisable from this sign on the wall

Getting Around Homún

Which Cenotes Should You Visit?

Option One: For Those Who Don’t Want A Taxi

Cenote Pool Cocom
Cenote Pool Cocom
Cenote Pool Cocom Viewpoint
Cenote Pool Cocom Viewpoint

Option Two: Foolproof Moto-Taxi

Option Three: DIY Moto-Taxi

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving at Homún Cenotes

Cenote Uinic
Cenote Uinic
Cenote tza ujun kat
Cenote tza ujun kat

Top Tips For Visiting the Homún Cenotes



Homun Cenotes
Homun Cenotes near Merida
Homun Cenotes Mexico

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