How expensive is Thailand? A budget for a day in Bangkok.

Bangkok is not only a popular destination within Asia but is actually one of the most visited cities in the entire world. The lively vibe makes it a fun city to just walk around and admire people going about their day to day business; but obviously there are many more things you can do throughout your stay, if you’re budget allows. Popular things to do would include going to a spa or for a massage and checking out one of Bangkok’s massive shopping malls.

We all know the way to save money on food is to ‘eat like a local’ meaning that for breakfast you should probably eat Pad Thai or fried rice but somethings I just struggle to adapt to. So, we opted for a western style breakfast in what I would describe as a mid-range café. We didn’t order drinks with breakfast as we we’re lucky in the fact that our hostel offered free tea, coffee and drinking water. But to eat we opted for fruit, yoghurt and muesli was 60 Baht a portion and was perfect for setting us up for the day. 120 Baht

After an hour or so wandering around exploring Bangkok we stopped off at a 7-11 and bought 2 ice lollys (10 Baht each) and 2 soft drinks (15 Baht each) coming to 50 Baht.

We ate lunch at a street food stall, the kind with the little plastic chairs and tables outside. For one dish with meat and one without the total came to 120 Baht.

In the afternoon we visited Wat Pho which is a fantastic temple in central Bangkok. Entrance tickets are 100 Baht. 200 Baht

Two large bottles of drinking water, 14 Baht Each. 28 Baht

Again, for dinner we ate at a similar street food stall. Might not be the most glamorous but definitely the most tasty! The meals were 60 Baht each and we accompanied those with 2 large Chang beers at 80 Baht each.  280 Baht

We decided to call it a night after dinner after a heavy night on Khao San Road the previous day. We had a quick pit stop on the way back to the hostel at the 7-11 and bought a 1.5 litre bottle of fizzy drink (28 Baht) and two small chocolate bars (10 Baht each) to snack on in the hostel whilst relaxing. 48 Baht

Accommodation is the one area that is either going to make or break your budget. We chose this hostel and I would 100% recommend. Yes, you can find even cheaper hostels but you have to weigh up the cost of feeling safe and clean; as well as the place having a decent friendly atmosphere. We stayed in an 8 bed dorm and it felt safe, relaxed and comfortable. For 1 bed, it was 180 Baht per night. If you find yourself with a few extra notes I would always recommend spending it on accommodation. Do your research and read reviews. Hostelworld and Tripadvisor can be lifesavers at times. 360 Baht

Total = 1206 Baht (603 Baht per person)

As you will note, there is no transportation costs included in the above. This is because wherever possible I chose to walk everywhere. Not only does this help keep you fit and keep your wallet healthy, but it also allows you to experience things you wouldn’t looking out of a taxi window.

I travel on a pretty tight budget but believe that saving money on transportation is the number one tip for keeping your wallet in check. Number two would be to ditch the alcohol. Thailand is renowned for its cheap booze but once the drinks start flowing the cheque can soon add up. However, if you’re fancying a few drinks a large Chang beer will set you back anywhere between 80 – 110 Baht, and cocktails normally start around 100Baht.

Please note that this budget is based on prices in Bangkok. Bangkok has hundreds of places to eat meaning prices become very competitive. If you’re going to be spending most of your time on Islands such as Koh Samui or Koh Tao you’re going to want quite a substantially higher budget to cover higher accommodation and food prices.



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