Peddler Night Market – Sheffield

Peddler Night Market is set inside an ex-industrial warehouse at 92 Burton Road, Kelham Island Sheffield. Each month the market returns, I cannot resist attending as is it always an evening to remember (and the fact it’s approximately 26 seconds from my flat). It all started last year and has been a massive hit each month since. Peddler Market opens its doors on the first Friday & Saturday of each month providing fantastic food, drink and music to the people of Sheffield.

The thing I love most about the market is the atmosphere. It  is family friendly, and plays host to such a wide variety of people. There’s not many places that I would be enjoy taking my Nan, as well as my pals but this is definitely one of them. Inside the building itself, there is a bar serving wine, beer & cider. There’s also a cocktail bar where the staff make each cocktail fresh to order. Alongside this, there is a DJ, various food stalls and some stands which host local business’s selling the likes of clothing and art work. There is plenty of seating for you to chill, listen to the DJ and fill yourself with delicious food.

Note: do not attempt Peddler Market if you are on a diet. It is quite literally food heaven. I’m talking deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese, Thai food, pizza and waffles. Each food stall brings their own van and sells smaller portions at reasonable prices. The price of most meals is about £6, with a beer setting you back around £4. I cannot think of a better way to spend an evening than trying out tonnes of different street food and washing them down with fresh cocktails.

In the courtyard outside there’s even more food, with the Netheredge pizza company occupying their usual monthly spot towards the rear. The market uniquely manages to cater to each months weather change. Peddler gives a platform for new local artists and bands to showcase themselves. There is a constant turnover of bands and singers through the entire weekend each month – almost always something to suit everyone’s taste.

If you’re looking for a different night out, and you enjoy great food and even better music, then Peddler Market is the one for you.

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