Surviving Self-Isolation: Everything to watch, read and listen to

In this current age of social distancing, we’ve all got learn to quickly adapt and fill our time with something other than continuously refreshing the news channels. Whilst there is a clear army of people who are keen to fill their lock down time with being productive, I’m taking this time to relax, unwind and try to make the most of this extra time we have been given.

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What to Watch

La Casa De Papel (Netflix). The fourth series of my absolute favourite Netflix show La Casa De Papel, was released on April 3rd on Netflix UK. If you’ve not seen the first three parts, then you need to go back and watch them now. The series is based around a group of criminals planning to carry out the most perfect robbery in history. Everything about La Casa De Papel is perfect; the plot, the acting and the soundtrack.

The Split (BBC). Hannah has bagged herself the job that every law student dreams of. A divorce lawyer in a swanky London legal firm and a barrister husband. I love the way the show explores every area of Hannah’s life, and shows that not everything is as good as it seems – tackling deep subjects but remaining witty througout. The series is filled with luxurious homes, designer gear and fancy cars. But still manages to make the characters down to earth and likeable.

Jane the Virgin (Netflix). I absolutely hated this series at first, I watched the first episode multiple times before giving up and vowing never to return. But once you get into it, you will love it. Jane the virgin is an American telenovela following Janes life after an artificial insemination. It is the ultimate feel good easy watching TV to get you through any long evening.

The Tiger King (Netflix). Obviously, no true isolation watch list would be complete without the mention of the Tiger King himself. Netflix’s ultimate WTF series landed on March 20th and has had the nation talking ever since. The most bizarre and unbelievable show I’ve ever seen. If you need something that’s going to make you completely switch off – Tiger King is the one for you

What to listen to

Off menu podcast. The ultimate feel good, laugh out loud podcast. Ed Gamble and James Acaster invite a guest on every week to the ‘dream restaurant’. Each guest gets to pick their favourite ever starter, main, dessert and drink. Simple concept, executed brilliantly. Episodes released every Wednesday.

Happy Place podcast. Fearn Cotton has a great range of guests on discussing mindfulness, and living a happier and more peaceful life. The podcast really makes you want to slow down, think, and enjoy your time that little bit more. Great for listening to on a morning walk/jog.

The receipts podcast. I was late to the party and only discovered this around 6 months ago but have binged every single podcast. Every other week the podcasts answers listeners dilemmas and gives their advice on the situations – some of the dilemmas are WILD! Listening to the podcast feels like chatting with the girls, and is a great escape. Episodes released every Wednesday.

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What to read

VOX – Christina Dalcher – Set in America, women are stripped of their jobs, bank account and limited to 100 words a day. VOX is a dystopian novel with VERY mixed reviews. This book is often compared to the Handmaids Tale – whilst I don’t quite think it is on that level I did really enjoy this book. The ending seemed somewhat rushed and very ‘convenient’ but other than that I thought the story was thought provoking and gripping – a great read.

D.I. Kim Stone Series – Angela Marsons. My favourite crime series ever – the series follows D.I. Kim and her team. The books balance the cases and delving into the personal life of the teams very well. All 10 books are very easy reads, great twists and turns. If you love a great crime page turner, the D.I Kim Stone Series will be for you.

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