3 great gluten free options in Kelham Island

When in Sheffield, Kelham island is exactly where you want to spend your time if you’re on the look out for great independent places for food and drinks. Its home to a variety of amazing bars, restaurants and cafes – with new exciting places popping up every month. There is a great amount of Coeliac friendly places – and here are three of my favourite gluten free options.

Graffiti bar and kitchen

2A & 2B Ball Street, Sheffield S3 8DB

Graffiti is right in the heart of Kelham Island, with the expected hipster decor both inside and out – complete with rustic wooden benches, for larger parties and more intimate corners for date night. As well as a varied selection of beers and wines, Graffiti has a great cocktail list – maybe washing a Pad Thai down with a Pornstar Martini isn’t exactly an ‘authentic’ way to do it, it tasted amazing!

Graffiti offers a relatively small menu, with the option of bao buns or Pad Thai for mains, alongside a variety of smaller side dishes. Even though the menu is small, there are a large proportion of dishes that are gluten free, including the Pad Thai. The Pad Thai is made with rice noodles and the choice of prawns, chicken, pork or tofu. We both went for the chicken, which was tasty and fresh and served with a perfectly fried egg.

graffiti kelham island

Church – Temple of fun (Make No Bones)

4a Rutland Way, Sheffield S3 8DG

church temple of fun

Make no bones is a vegan restaurant situated inside Church – Temple of fun. It is a 100% vegan kitchen, offering a ‘saints and sinners’ menu. The ‘saints’ feature light bites and salads, with the ‘sinners’ side offering treats such as vegan wings, nachos and ribs. We opted for 3 plates to share between the two of us, to get a taste for what this menu is all about.

Before being diagnosed as Coeliac, I was making the shift towards having a plant based diet, however since the diagnosis have found myself switching back to animal products and this is something I was to make a conscious effort to revert. Often, vegan and gluten free meals are a rarity when eating out – so I was surprised by the amount of choice at make no bones.

We opted for 3 dishes to share between the two of us. Firstly, the Cali salad – broccoli, butternut squash, pomegranate seeds, avocado, quinoa, spring onion and pistachio nuts. With a tahini and avocado dressing. This was the perfect fresh salad. The pistachio nuts and pomegranate seeds added texture to the dish and the broccoli and butternut squash gave the dish substance.

There was a large selection of fries and we went for the pesto fries – crispy and topped with homemade ‘Parmesan’ and pumpkin seed pesto. We also had the make no bones special, ‘Wicked Wings’ – avocado in batter, with dressing and hot sauce. In all honesty, I think we chose a bad combination of foods to go together. There was too much avocado and overall the dishes were too creamy to enjoy alongside each other, and not enough ‘crunch’. Each dish was delicious on its own, but this was not the optimum combination.

church temple of fun

Stew and Oyster

Green Lane, Kelham Island, Sheffield S3 8SE

Stew and Oyster

The atmosphere in Stew and Oyster is relaxed, and the staff are always attentive and friendly. There is a huge outside area making it perfect for a summer evening meal, and the outside area is really popular with drinkers, especially on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Stew and Oyster is probably the easiest place in the whole of Kelham Island to get great gluten free food. There’s only a small portion of the stews that are not gluten free, and every other one can be served with rice instead of bread to make it Coeliac friendly. I opted for the beef and peppercorn stew which was hearty and tasty – a real rich homely taste. We also got the Cajun Lamb which was much more summery dish with a tomato base and packed with veggies. Most of the stews are an affordable £7.95 and they also offer a range of gluten free bottled beers. The icing on the cake is the warm gluten free brownie on the dessert menu. Served with your choice of cream or ice cream, its the perfect end to any gluten free meal.


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