How expensive is Marrakesh? A budget for Morocco.

How expensive is Marrakesh? In this post I will break down the costs spent in one day exploring Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a popular tourist destination in Morocco and somewhere that had been on my wish list for many years. When on any city break, with only a limited amount of time in the city, day to day costs are obviously much higher than they would be if you had a prolonged period in the city. Tourist attractions are going to be your biggest spend whilst in the city, so if you’re on a budget, allocate plenty of time for walking through the Medina and exploring Jemaa el-Fna. Here is a full itinerary for four days in Marrakesh. Alcohol is not widely drank in Marrakesh – there are a few bars near the square where you can get a cocktail but be warned these are going more considerably more expensive than in the UK.

Our priority from this trip was our amazing accommodation. We stayed at Hotel & Ryad Art Place – an amazing oasis right on the edge of Jemaa El-Fnaa. We had a beautiful en suite room with the most friendly polite staff. Included with the room was a full breakfast buffet, as well as access to the rooftop pool and bar, offering amazing view over the square. Rooms here start from £120 per night. Cheaper accommodation can be found in this area relatively easily, however if your budget can stretch I couldn’t recommend this place enough. (1446 MAD)

Hotel and Ryad Art Place

After enjoying the coffee, eggs and fruit at the breakfast buffet we headed out to start the day. On the way out of the hotel we picked up a large bottle of water from the shop. The tap water isn’t safe to drink in Marrakesh and therefore its very difficult to avoid single use plastic. We tried to buy the biggest bottles to avoid having to buy multiple. (8 MAD)

First stop of the day was the Jardin De Majorelle. We could not have timed our arrival here any worse – we arrived at around 11.30 am and ended up queuing for little over an hour to get inside. The gardens are beautiful with some amazing looking plants but the place was way too busy to actually enjoy properly. Once inside, people were queuing again to take pictures in the popular ‘instagram’ spots which completely ruined the tranquillity of the beautiful gardens. My recommendation would be to go, but to get their for opening times (70 MAD Each – 140 MAD)

After the Jardin de Majorelle we went to a café nearby to grab an orange juice – these can be picked up much more cheaply from stalls in the square for 4MAD, however we wanted somewhere comfortable to sit and relax. (17 MAD Each – 34 MAD)

After cooling down with a refreshing juice it was time to find some lunch. 2 soft drinks and 2 chicken and lemon tagines (served with complimentary bread and olives) (167 MAD). After lunch we spent a little time exploring the square and window shopping in the Medina.

We went for dinner at Café Babouche – we actually ended up eating here twice during our trip. The restaurant itself is simple but the food is tasty and the staff are so friendly and welcoming. We had a main each and a dessert to share, along with two soft drinks. Complimentary olives are served on arrival along with bread to accompany our mains. (230 MAD)

After dinner I would recommend exploring Jemaa El-Fna as the night time is when it really comes to life. Barter for some clothes, crockery or whatever else takes your fancy. I think the perfect way to wrap up the day in Marrakesh is to enjoy a cold drink or a mint tea from one of the many rooftop cafes over looking the sqaure. (30 MAD)

Total (excluding accommodation) 609 MAD per day

Total (with accommodation) 2055 MAD per day

Marrakesh Budget

So, how expensive is Marrakesh?

Marrakesh Travel Costs

Prices based on averages from a trip in September 2019 and conversion rates based on November 2019. Prices will vary based on location and seasons.



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