48 Hours in Edinburgh: How to spend a weekend in the Scottish capital.

How to plan the perfect 48 hours in Edinburgh, including where to stay, how to get there and what to do.

How to get there.

Obviously completely dependant on where in the world you are travelling from. However the four main options available are to fly, train, coach or to drive. Flights from England are relatively cheap and very fast. However, factoring in the time to drive to the airport, waiting for the flight and then getting from the airport to Edinburgh centre, this maybe isn’t the most time effective. Trains from England are very expensive, but relatively time efficient. I opted to drive from Sheffield, which took around 5 and a half hours, including a few pit stops along the way.

Where to stay.

We opted for an Airbnb situated just outside the city centre on Dalmeny Street and it was absolutely perfect. It had a big comfy bed; fully equipped kitchen and the place was spotlessly clean. There was also free parking in the surrounding streets. Staying just outside the city centre was perfect as it is substantially cheaper. The AirBnB was just a 15 minute walk or short taxi into the centre, so well worth it. The perfect accommodation for 48 Hours in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Park
Day 1

The royal mile in Edinburgh starts at Edinburgh Castle and ends at the Palace of Holyrood House. The route stands at just over a mile, and it really is a must do in the city. The royal mile takes you through the highlights of the city and offers plenty of places to detour for a drink, something to eat or simply to relax and take in the architecture. There are lots of opportunities to stop and take photos as well as do a spot of shopping. Victoria Street offers a great chance to get some snaps in front of the beautiful bright coloured buildings.

The absolute highlight of our 48 hours in Edinburgh was a visit to the Monkey Barrel comedy club. The tickets were a steal at £10 each for the Friday night show and the place had a really friendly vibe and the staff were fantastic. There are a few pubs and bars around which are perfect for a pre and post show drink. I was slightly apprehensive at first, the place is quite small and there were two big stag parties in the room. However, the atmosphere was great, and the comedians were brilliant. Just be sure to avoid front row seats to avoid being the target of a few jokes!

Day 2

Of course, no trip to Edinburgh would be complete without taking some time to admire the beautiful Edinburgh castle. If you’re looking for a budget friendly trip to the city then just enjoying the view from the outside may be enough for you. Tickets for adults into the castle will set you back £18 per person but may be a great option for a rainy afternoon. Calton Hill is a hilltop park filled with monuments to explore. The short climb to the top of the hill is relatively easy, and well worth it. This park offers a beautiful view of the city and if you’re lucky enough to be in the city on a day with good weather, it’s a beautiful place to relax. I would recommend exploring at either sunrise or sunset to capture some beautiful photos.

Another high point of this weekend was the Scotch Whiskey Experience. We’ve done a few alcohol experiences like this in other cities, and I really loved the fact that the Scotch Whiskey Experience really managed to bring something unique to the experience. At the start of the tour there is a little ride that takes your around and explains the distilling process. Afterwards there is a short presentation exploring the different whiskeys from different regions of Scotland, and then into the final room of a whiskey tasting experience.

Victoria Street

I absolutely loved my visit Edinburgh and will definitely be back. I think the option to drive, and to book an AirBnB rather than a hotel were definitely the right decisions to make. However, there were a few attractions which we didn’t quite make time for that I would like to incorporate into my next visit. I would love to head over to Dean Village, it looks so picturesque and beautiful. Hopefully our next visit will be in the summer too so we can fully appreciate this beautiful area. Also, we decided to avoid the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. But since this trip I’ve read so many good reviews about the place; so it’s definitely on the list of the next visit!  

Calton Hill

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