The wonders of the outdoors, a weekend at Lake Windermere

I always opt for a city break. I love nothing more than the noise, smells and sounds of a bustling city crashing around me. I adore spending mornings wandering around; trying out all of the coffee shops, taking in the sights and the exploring what a city has to offer. However, last month I took the decision to escape the hustle and bustle and spend the weekend in the Lake District.

Situated a 2 and half hour drive from my home city of Sheffield, we woke early, packed the car and immediately headed out. An overnight bag, a good playlist and a bag of fruit pastels (essential for any road trip) was all we really needed. I was looking forward to a weekend to decompress, leaving the stresses of studying, work, and everything else behind to simply be present.



As it was our first trip to the Lakes, we based ourselves at Lake Windermere, a relatively busy area filled with a handful of good pubs, restaurants and shops. There was something magical about the village that felt like a real escape, but with all the comforts of home. We took the ferry across the lake and enjoyed the beautiful, 8 mile round walk to and from Wray Castle. February had blessed us with bright sunshine and mild temperatures which made for perfect conditions. 

After a quick nip back to the bed and breakfast for a freshen up, we headed out, not venturing further than a five minute walk, and ate and drank the night away. Of course, pie and mash were on the agenda for dinner, paired with a couple of glasses of Pinot to wash it down. We enjoyed the local pubs, drank, chatted and enjoyed the company around us. As the bell for last orders rang, we wandered, content and slightly tipsy, back to the bed and breakfast. 

The next morning, we were treated to a fabulous fry up before heading out for another day of walking. As it was a Saturday, the streets were slightly busier, but still nowhere near what I expect they would be in the highs of July and August. We again, set off leisurely wandering, enjoying ice cream as well as fish and chips along the way.

Lake Windermere

Unfortunately, we only had two full days to offer at the lake district. If we had more time I would’ve loved to take the car into to some of the nearby villages and explore further. Maybe book an Airbnb for a couple of nights and use the time to relax and generally escape from life for a few days. We came home refreshed and exhausted simultaneously, and I can guarantee it wont be long before we are back. 

Lake Windermere



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