5 must do things in Beijing – China.

The Great Wall

I mean who wants to be the guy that goes to China and doesn’t see the great wall? You’ll be able to read more in detail about the exact walk I did here, but if you’re looking for something a little less strenuous then literally every hostel or hotel will be able to sort you something out. Seriously, go do it, it’s incredible.

The Forbidden City 

The Forbidden City is an area of pure beauty. Probably some of the most wonderful architecture we witnessed throughout our week in Beijing. Apparently, the forbidden city has almost 10,000 rooms and there’s plenty of information in both English and Mandarin as you wander around the Forbidden City. You don’t need to book a tour to get here. Its easily accessible by subway and on foot; and if you really feel the need, you can get yourself a tour guide whilst there.

Wander the Hutongs

I was lucky enough to chose a perfectly placed hostel deep in the Hutongs (not so perfect when you arrive at 3am, jet lagged, confused and lost) but for me, the Hutongs feel like the real Beijing. You can talk to the locals whilst they are going about their day to day life, before finding yourself some decent street food and a traditional tea. I would highly recommend dedicating an afternoon to getting lost in the Hutongs.

The Summer Palace 

This place is absolutely huge. The Summer Palace is a beautiful park around a ginormous lake with traditional, intricate Chinese temples and monuments dotted all around. You could quite easily spend a full day here if you’ve got the right weather, and I honestly believe you still wouldn’t see it all. It is easily accessible by subway, offering a welcome change from the hussle and bustle of central Beijing.

The Olympic Park 

For someone who wasn’t really that interested in visiting the park, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s easy to take the subway here from central Beijing and there’s no fee to enter the parks grounds. You can see people working out, walking dogs, rollerblading, cycling, you name it. The grounds are stunning and you have a perfect view of the Bird’s Nest and Watercube. Also, For 260¥ you can actually go inside the Watercube, which is now a fully kitted out water park. So maybe you might need that bikini after all?


Have you ever been to Beijing? I would love to hear your favourite things to do there!

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