24 hours in Hong Kong – everything you need to know.

Hong Kong is one hundred and ten percent the fastest paced city I’ve ever been to. Tourists often use this destination as a pit stop between countries being that it has a huge, fantastic, super modern airport. Hong Kong is a curry pot of Chinese, British and Indian culture; with the rest mixed in for good measure. I would recommend visiting Hong Kong for longer than a couple of days, but if you’re heading to Hong Kong and are short on time, here’s how to spend a fantastic 24 Hours in Hong Kong.

24 hours in Hong Kong

9am – There’s so much to do in Hong Kong that I recommend grabbing some breakfast and a coffee on the go from one of the many 7/11 stores or local bakeries. The bakeries are dirt cheap and super tasty. Enjoy your breakfast whilst wandering down the Avenue of Stars. (note: the Avenue of Stars is currently undergoing renovation so you can head to the alternative ‘Garden of Stars’ to see the many statues including the all-important Bruce Lee statue).

10am –  Hong Kong is one of the shopping capitals of the world. You could go here for a week and do nothing but shop and still not see all the fantastic malls. However, if you’ve only got a day the chances are you’re not going to want to spend it all in a shopping centre. Head to the Harbour City mall for an hour our two and have a window shop at some serious designer labels.

1pm – Lunch at the world cheapest Michelin starred restaurant. If you’re staying in the Tsim Sha Tsui area its around 30 minutes via MTR up to the restaurant and its 100% worth the trip if you’re going to be in Hong Kong. You can read my full review of this place here.

5pm – For the ultimate view of the Hong Kong Skyline you need to take the peak tram. Although late afternoon may be the busiest time to take it, it’s when you’re going to get the best view; just as the sun is about to set. The peak tram is such a good experience, you’ll be surprised how the old tram makes it up such a steep incline. Side Note: when buying the ticket, you have the option to buy the tram ticket combined with the ‘sky deck’ entrance. I don’t think the sky deck is essential to get a good view, there’s a big enough viewing platform once you depart the tram.

24 hours in Hong Kong
24 hours in Hong Kong

8pm – Get yourself down by the water for the light display. As the laser light display is on each night it doesn’t get unbearably busy. I would recommend getting there for 7.45 to secure yourself a good spot. And if you’re feeling extra extravagant pop to a 7-11 beforehand and get yourself a bottle of beer to enjoy whilst watching on the waterfront.

9pm – You’ve seen the light show and enjoyed listening to the buskers on the waterfront, it’s time to get some food. Hong Kong has everything you could possibly wish for food wise. Why not try one of the fantastic Indian restaurant the city has to offer?

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